#512 our story

 As usual the girls do not want to leave the hotel. They were a great group & we did not have any trouble with them at all.

One team had a bingo tournament with Esperanza girls. The other team had snacks & games with Vencedores then later with Doncillas and finally with Buen Pastor.

Today is the last Let’s Play Together for the year. 

Marlin & her team presenting a skit for the parents at graduation

6/5/2003. Wendy had an MRI today and the results were encouraging. She will leave in a few days and have a check-up with a neurologist in the states. Tears and smiles today as the children received their third semester report cards. Continue to pray for her and Stan. Dottie had an examination on her hand & requires surgery. We bought the siding today for Danny’s apartment.

6/6. Dottie and I had to go to 4 different high schools in Guatemala to get report cards for the 40 high school students. Some were truly good results but what Silvio did was incredible. He is in a pre-med high school & his grades were 100% in literature, biology, English, psychology & physical education. His other grades were 93% in history, 91% in pharmacology, 95% in chemistry, 93% in physics, 89% in sociology and lab, and finally 88% in philosophy. That is 12 classes. Sadly he would move to the USA & not study medicine. We received another abused teenage girl.

6/7. I had to go to a village school to get Karla’s birth certificate. She is 16 & began telling me her story. Her father beat she and her mother so often that they both left home but the mother did not want her so she gave her to her aunt. Her uncle began sexually abusing her so she ran away and a judge sent her to us. It was a very special time because it took us 7 hours to get the paperwork and get back to Casa so I was able to witness to her and she just poured out her heart.