#510 our story

The girls left with Dottie, Gladys & I for the annual 3 days in the hotel. They are all so happy & obedient.

We ate lunch at a chicken place. There was a family sitting about 4 booths down. The man motioned for me to go to his table & when I did he was crying & said he had lived in a home for children. He & his wife paid for lunch for all of us. They were so sweet. 

Supper at the hotel

5/28/2003. Dottie and I dedicated a church a number of miles from here and for some reason we both have infections in our feet. No idea as to why! There is an eye surgical team from the USA coming to Chimaltenango. They called and asked if we had kids needing eye surgery and we do have 5 so this could be a tremendous blessing.

5/29. Steve and Sheryl left for the states today and will be gone a month. Sheryl has done such a tremendous job of training her helpers that we are certain they can continue doing that job correctly. Danny and Angie are working on the apartment that we are attaching to Vencedores which is a dorm for 75 boys. Danny was able to get it in the dry so now he can begin the interior work.

5/30. This was a very laid back Sunday. Following Sunday School and the regular service we arranged to have the children form teams and they had competition in soccer and volley ball. 

I received a phone call from Jerry C. who sponsors Celia. He spoke with her about her education and encouraged her to study hard. As I type this today, October 15, 2019 Celia graduated from nursing school and is on staff in our clinic. She married Victor Hugo and they have two daughters. So many sponsors over the years have been faithful to pray and give to their sponsored child and have seen the results that the Lord provided. It is amazing how when the children has someone in their lives who loves them how far that goes to the child’s future success.

5/31. I ministered in the morning to the Americans who are here and then to the teenagers in the evening. One of the mothers who came yesterday to visit her children was robbed. It was $2 and that was all she had.