#509 our story

We have a large number of visitors so I had services in Spanish & then in English. What I shared I needed personally so hearing it twice was good for me.

I spoke to the teams tonight.

Wagons ho!

5/25/2003.My foot is so infected that the doctor said I needed to lay in bed and elevate it. When Dottie comes to bed she has to elevate her hands that were operated on. We are a sight to behold! Polly and the children flew to Florida to meet Carlos where they will vacation for a week before flying back to Mississippi where he will do some preaching. So Danny and Angie have the dorm all alone with the 8-10 year old. There are 81 boys.

5/26. Nancy was taken to the hospital with what appears to be a thyroid problem. Wendy, our nurse, said the test they gave should be at level 50 but Nancy’s is over 400. She has lost over 40 pounds, is depressed and even has threatened suicide. Please pray that the hospital can find the root cause. Also, Stan, who is a member of brother Teddy’s church in Grand Bay, Alabama has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He needs a miracle. He loves Casa and comes yearly to just rock the babies.

5/27. This is test week so the house parents are working diligently to help the children prepare. The problem for many of our children is that they were born into families that have no interest in formal education. They believe that if a child can write his or her name and count to 100 that is sufficient.