#508 our story

We had a group leave today and another 14 folks arrive. One group is repainting the dialysis dorm.

The girls from Esperanza upstairs went swimming.

Debbie, my secetary, & Cindy arrived. It was Cindy’s birthday so we went to lunch.

Alex came home from the hospital 7 his catheter is working well.

Esperanza praying before going to Agua Magic today to swim

5/22/2003. The teams we have been praying for began arriving today. Chuck & his Grace Community church; Hershey and his Elkmont Alabama team; Lewis T. and his Tennessee team; and then Bill A. and his Milan, Tn. team. Wereceived precious little brothers Oliver, 5, and Carlos 4.

5/23. Sheryl has been able to hire 6 more baby dorm workers. We have 120 babies and toddlers. Our teenage girls have volunteered to fill in the gaps and have done so but we want them to concentrate on being young and in school. A church in the USA has offered to pay the salaries of the six new workers.

5/24. Sometimes you wonder what children hear and understand when they hear our English. Today Quique asked if could have more chuck-up for his French fries. The teams are working on 4 major projects. One group is preparing the upstairs in the little boy’s dorm by putting down a subfloor so we can lay tile next week. Another team is building walls and painting them in the office complex. Another group is helping Danny frame his new apartment. The 4thgroup is working on the bathrooms and doors in the two apartments for American staff. Finally, one gentleman has been inserting chlorine into our water system. So this is and will be a busy week.