#504 our story

We had practice today for graduation. The graduates are kindergarten, 6thgrade, 9thgrade & seniors and also the quinceaneras.

Walt & Randi took los Cometas and the dialysis children with Mike & Amber to eat pizza, go to a movie and then have a chicken dinner.

Part of the American visitors went on an outreach to a village.

Dottie & Gladys worked on the evening gowns a well as the flowers for Friday’s activities. 

Teens playing

5/6/2003. I had our guard go get a license to carry a shotgun and also a pistol. He will be stationed at the front gate until we hire two more guards so two will have 24 shifts and Luis will be on the back property at night. So someone will always be stationed at the gate regardless of when they return. Our college students return at 10pm. It is nice to have a handy man which we also need now in 2019. Anyway our washing machine went out and John was able to fix it with spare parts.

5/7. We received the medical reports on Dottie’s hands and they will do surgery.

5/8/ President Arzu’s wife has been so wonderful to Casa even coming to have dinner with us. His term is running out so he will be running for mayor of Guatemala City. He will win and be re-elected eve4ytime until his death in 2016. They both continued to be a spokesman for Casa. In fact he and I would share the podium at the dedication of the new dialysis unit at Roosevelt Hospital.

5/9. Dottie did have surgery this morning on her hands. It is carpal tunnel syndrome aggravated by arthritis. A bone was removed from her thumb, screws inserted,, tendon removed and placed between the bones. So she is in pain but it should wear off quickly the doctor said.

5/10. Dottie rested well in spite of the pain. She feels it will pass quickly.