#503 our story

This is the busiest week of the year. Dottie & I went to get the food for the quinceaneras when we go to the hotel. Sebastian’s 10 year old niece passed away. Gladys is working on the program for Friday. She made the special diplomas for the two best seniors. I spoke to the visitors & some of them have heard if over 30 times.

5/4/2003. We had a brain storming session today with Steve, Carlos, Danny, David and I to prioritize the things we want to get accomplished when the summer work teams begin arriving. The list is (1) The upstairs floor in Estrellitas needs replacing; (2) Danny & Angie’s addition to their dorm needs to be built; (3) The two new apartments need to be built;(4) The large yellow building needs renovation so we can use it for an office complex; (5) We need to redesign the entrance to the highway to insure more safety when the children cross the highway to catch their bus for school; (6) Lighting for the gym and baby dorm and finally (7) the incinerator installed and running.

5/5. A baby who was not breathing was left at our gate. Wendy was able to get her breathing and we rushed her to the hospital but the child did not survive. It is incredible that the family just laid the child on the ground and ran away. Yerman came to visit. He left Casa a year ago and is an evangelist with a older pastor. He was one of the six children living in a hole in the city park that was found by a policeman and who brought them here. The courts let us keep all six. When they came 12 years ago their father hit the second oldest child who would die from that injury. She had been saved two weeks prior to her death.