#502 our story

Claudia brought us 220 Christmas tote bags with names on them. Her husband, Angel, & son, Jeremy came also.

Farrell & Ina, our second sponsors in 1989 arrived.

Alma came to visit as she is due to give birth this week & wanted prayer.

Angel, Jeremy and Claudia

5/1/2003. Yesterday was Labor Day in Guatemala so it was a national holiday. All of our teachers and support staff worked so I would give them today, Friday, off so they would have a 3 day weekend. I went to the bank alone just to be sure if there was another robbery no one else would be in danger. I will be very honest with you. I had fear because I kept thinking of the gun pointed at Dottie. God has a sense of humor as there was a man walking towards me and as he approached he reached out and took my arm and only wanted to know what time it was. My legs were like jello. David took his honor roll students to the beach.

5/2. Steve took the teenage boys who helped put the roof on the gymnasium to the beach. These boys have no fear and they volunteer to help us whenever there is a project.

5/3. It is so hot that we rented two buses to bring a large number of kids to the public swimming pools in Chimaltenango. Julio had his mechanic classes and Margarite held her Bible classes in the late afternoon when the children returned from swimming. Yanira was told by the courts today that her mother was HIV positive so was in the hospital. I took Yanira to the hospital and they told us that the mother had died 4 weeks ago. Yanira was crushed. We found out where the mother was buried in the public cemetery. I filled two vans with Yanira’s friends here at Casa and we went and had a service at the grave side.