#501 our story

Jim & Kate left for a vacation time with her mother & then Jim will return for graduation only to then return & get Kate for them to go visit their children in New Zealand.  

Estephany went to the emergency room with catheter infection. Alex goes this week to redo his catheter.

Both Mike F. and Angie left for the states yesterday.

A large group of Americans from California along with doctors from Honduras and members of a church from Guatemala City stopped by. 

The weather is cold. Arriving from the states today was Larry, Walt & others arrived. The Indiana team is still working at full speed.

LSU beat Alabama but God doesn’t care.

The tower ladeer is 48 feet high

4/29/2003.  We thank God that the thieves only wanted money. The news keeps announcing there were over 30 kidnappings this month. I praise God that all they wanted was money. Dottie had 14 hours of medical tests from 5am until 7pm. Her symptoms have a stiff neck that causes her arms and hands to go numb.  She told me her hands hurt her 24 hours a day. The tests show no spinal problems. Her heart, liver & blood pressure are all fine and actually great for a 60 year old. Eventually she would have surgery on her hands and the problem would be solved.

4/30. There were two more robberies near us. It was the same two men. They robbed a family two miles from here but when they then attempted to rob a grocery store a mile further up the road the police were waiting. They were captured but we never did get our money back. 

Dottie and I went to the police station to see if we could identify the robbers. The police would not allow us to see them. Of course this meant that whatever loot the robbers had were divided up between the policeman and the judge.