#500 our story

The teams worked until noon and then went to Anigua. We received 2 new children. 

. Jim had Bible study for the staff. English in the evening & Spanish in the morning.

Carla and I

4/26/2003. Jorge flipped the old brown truck on his way to his college classes. He was unhurt but the truck is kaput. He was driving too fast and came upon a stalled car and flipped trying to avoid it. In over 14 years here we have had only one serious accident and that was when Dottie flipped the van breaking her back. God has truly protected us, the children and the staff as well as all of the visitors we had visit Casa. Carlos has 81 boys 9-12 in his dorm.

4/27. The board did announce that Carlos would be the new general manager. He speaks perfect Spanish as he was raised in Puerto Rico. He is much more organized than I am. But as I said earlier this would not last.  Dottie celebrated her 60thbirthday today. I do not know anyone that has been blessed more than me to have such a wonderful Christian wife. Without her there is no doubt I would be unable to do what I do. I hope every husband can say the same thing about their wives.

4/28. After all of these years of never having been assaulted that came to an end today. Dottie and I were returning from the bank. When Dottie exited the car for me to drive in an armed man grabbed her and a second gunman came to the driver’s side and put a gun in my face.  It had be an inside the bank because they knew exactly where the money was. Dottie asked them to please not steal her purse because she had pictures of her children in it. The thief simply tossed the purse back on the front seat.