#498 our story

Josue’ & I left at 4:30am just to get into the city for a 7:15 meeting.

The Indiana team is painting the steel for the ladder’s cage.

Our college boys are cutting back all of the giant bougainvillea so the team can install the cage. It was 20 feet high so Dottie is crying.

Our nurse ,Maria, who is one of our first employees had eye surgery & it was a success.

The boys preparing the water tower area for installation of the enclosure on the ladder.

4/21/2003. I shared with the staff that teams should have things in common if they are to succeed. Not only do we all come from areas of the USA but we all have different backgrounds as well. In fact we have Charismatics, Baptist, Methodists, and Assembly of God. They are from Louisiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Alabama and even Canada. But do you know what we have in common? A love for Jesus and a call from God to love the children. 

4/22. The old grey van passed away coming up the mountain fill with college students. This is the same van Dottie rolled over 5 times and broke her back. She has recovered but the van never was able to recover. 

4/23. On top of a dead van today I awoke to a dead computer. It crashed and I lost the finance reports, newsletters, court records and correspondence. On a happy note Alex and Sara have decided they want to be dorm parents. Alex was our 9thchild back in 1989 and now the first to join the staff. So Steve and Mandy will leave this weekend and Alex and Sara will replace them. Today is August 2019 and they are still dorm parents. They now have 1 of their 4 children in college.