#497 our story

There was so much activity today as the Indiana team dove into cutting and measuring the steel for the safety ladders for the two towers.

The office went from one area to another with Mike F. working on accounting and web site. They held a video conference stateside. 

4/17/2003. Everyone began taking kids off campus. Dottie and I took the 8 to 10 year old girls to lunch and a movie. They loved going up and down the escalators. David and Regina took some of the boys bowling. Jorge actually took a group of older boys to buy clothes.

4/18. Steve and Sheryl took the toddlers to a playground and out to eat ice cream. We heard that the USA had curtailed the use of merry-go-rounds in school yards. But we were careful and the kids had fun. We had all 500 kids out riding their bicycles, skateboards or skates so that were many scratches but no real problems. 

4/19.Steve & Sheryl joined with Andrew, David & Allison and took over 80 three to seven year olds on an outing which also included pizza.

4/20. There is no way to describe to you how precious was the sunrise service on the mountain wit the sunrise. Carlos led us in praise and then we had the Lord’s Supper (Communion). We give communion by families and if a child has no family here one of the older children will take the child with his family. It is precious to see and of course there will be a bonding between them. It was Gino, Silvio, Jorge, Elder, Felix and David who began this tradition and today in 2019 the older children are still doing this act of love.