#496 our story

Mike F. is meeting with Josue’ today concerning the sponsorships & the web site. Sebastian & Billy went to the Department of Labor concerning one of our teachers.  

Tim D.’s team arrived in the evening & began separating the materials so they cannot start in the morning. 

4/12/2003. Today is the Saturday before Easter week so the children are hyper about the special activities as they will go bowling, swimming, movies, eating out, water park and other things. 

4/13. Julio. Our mechanic for 14 years has begun an automotive class for our older boys. The boys love it. Julio has a son in the US navy and is stationed on the Kitty Hawk in the Persian Gulf and his responsibility is as a technician who fires the Tomohawk missiles. Julio is so excited as they pulled anchor today and are heading for Japan. Carlos took all the honor roll students to the beach today.

4/14. Brennan is officially engaged. He had two little boys from the baby dorm carry the ring for him and they helped him propose.

4/15. My daughter arrived last night with her gaughters so today we took her and the 18 closest friends she had growing up here out to lunch.

4/16. The funds have been provided for the roof for the gymnasium so we will order the steel this week.