#495 our story

: We dedicated Grace who is the daughter of Ezdras & Marlin. All of the Doncillas girls came forward to stand by them & pray with me.

Cristina & Oscar are getting ready for a busy week as people will be either coming or going each day. A main project is the construction of safety cages on the two water towers.

Mike F. is coming to meet with our office staff all week.

Marlin and Ezdras with their girls

4/9/2003. In our many years here at Casa we have had many parents file what is known as a denuncia against us. This is an accusation against a teacher or a dorm parent or me or another staff member and sometimes against an older child. While we were in the states two denuncias were filed against one particular staff member. So today I had to go court to explain what happened. This is the first time in 5 years. It is never easy and you feel foolish because you know the parent is lying with the hope the judge would send their child back to them. 

This was very different as the judge began the hearing by saying, “We appreciate all that you have done for the children of Guatemala so we have asked you here just to explain what happened”. It went well and the child was returned with me. The junior high soccer team participated in their first tournament today.

4/10. David and Allison returned from Tennessee and will be dorm parents in Estrelitas which are the little girls. 

4/11. Wendy had an MRI as a follow-up on her injury suffered a few months ago. A group of people came from the Buckner Children’s Home in Dallas. In the years to come they will donate thousands of shoes to Casa. They also were here to schedule a time for the teenagers of the staff could come and minister to the children.