#494 our story

Today Angie had her annual lasagna meal for the seniors and the staff.

Two visitors are here playing with the children & next week we have groups coming to work various projects. 

Angie’s annual cookout for the seniors

4/7/2003. A group of physicians arrived from California and they were able to exam all of the children throughout the week as well as the famalies of both our Amercan and Guatemalan staff. Now that Estella is gone Yohanna has become my secretary. I am writing this in August, 2019 and even now 15 years early I am thinking of how nice it would be to step aside and just be grandpa. It is as though we have gone from a Mom & Pop ministry to a Walmart ministry. We never expected to have so many children. 

4/8. Two young girls arrived at the gate each carrying a small shopping bag of their belongings. Edy took them to court to tell their story. This has been a difficult year for children in Guatemala and our home demonstrates that with the numerous kids sent to us. Another one of our teenage girls was sexually assaulted leaving the bus in the city on her way to class. She physically fought off her attacker while a crowd watched and did nothing. When she found a policeman and told him what happed he simply said that there was nothing he could do about it. Last week Joaquelin was robbed at gun point in the same area. She had little Carlitos our deaf child with her and they stole his hearing aids. 

This year Gladys was robbed by three me with guns and a few weeks later she was robbed by two men who put a knife to her throat. Esvin was robbed as he left a bank. On another occasion Esvin was robbed walking to Casa. Moses was robbed on a bus this year as was Sebastian Angelina and Alex. Sheryl was robbed here in San Lucas and the thief stole her keys to Casa so we will have to change all the keys on property.