#493 our story

Today was a national holiday so everyone was just sorta laying back.

I worked on the end of the month financial as well as daily report.

I am so proud of Jacobo who received his diploma for the first stage of becoming a dentist.

I will wear that silly college graduation hat for the 4thtime this year as Angelina & Marlin graduated earlier this year & now Carla & Analy will graduate within two weeks.

4/1-4/2003. This morning my computer hard drive crashed so I lost the information for the 1stthrough the 3rd. So here is what I remember as important. Dottie and I returned from the states and it was the best month home ever as we were able to spend time with our children and grandchildren. Dottie was able to attend the birth of our 13thgrandchild after being absent form the births of the first 12. Seventeen new children arrived and 23 were sent to family members as the courts try to close cases. Steve and Mandy are returning to the states and since they were so valuable it will be difficult without them. David and Allison are coming this week and will be dorm parents for the 6-8 year old girls.

4/5. We are asking for folks to help us with Christmas gifts for the individual dorms. Of course, we still want you to give to your sponsored child if you feel led. The electricity went out so we went 24 hours without water. It was the electric company working on the lines. Unfortunantly we did not know before hand or we would have filled containers for the kitchen and the bathrooms. A baby was found in a ditch near here totally nude and being eaten on by vultures. The physicians believe that his life can be saved but he will lose at least one arm. Also the judge told us that if he lives he will be sent to us. Sadly he died within 36 hours.

4/6. The commodes are stopped up all over the property due to the lack of water yesterday. It took almost all day to get them all working. Our church from Chimaltenango came and brought dinner for all of the children. My sister, Virginia, emailed to give me an update on her son ,Justin, who is in Iraq. He was the first marine to enter Saddam Hussan’s palace.