#491 our story

It seems as though my 76 years are wearing on me. I get up each morning & do my Bible reading & then confession cards. I try to remember others that I need to pray for. Of course God has blessed me with a long life & the ability to continue ministering to the children.

Our greatest needs to pray about are the salvation of all the children & the need for dorm parents.

Dottie’s workers continue to remove bougainvillea from the water tower so we can repair the tower.  

Do you know that in this life nothing will ever matter unless it is about loving God and loving the people He has made.

3/26/2003. Dottie had a blessing today that has eluded her for the births of 12 grandchildren. She was able to be present when Becky gave birth to Dawson tonight. Chad went with me to Glenmora to minister with Pastor Ben and Annette. So I did not get to see my new grandson until late tonight. In Guatemala Steve and Sheryl 10thwedding anniversary.

3/27. Since Dawson was born late last night the physicians wanted them to stay an extra day so our sons, Tony and Chad, as well as Dottie and I stayed all day which was really a blessing. The most difficult part our of Dottie and my lives is being away from our children and grandchildren. I wonder if I will ever have a time where I will be able to spend more time with our family. In Guatemala Steve and Mandy who were married in November have decided that they need to return to the USA to spend quality time with one another without hundreds of kids around them.

The West Virginia group left after working so hard. One of our college girls was sexually assaulted leaving the bus coming home from classes.

3/28. Dottie and I spent the day with daughters Becky and Tanya. We began a mission conference with Pastor Leon at Wesley Methodist in Sulfur, La. Back in Guatemala Lewis and his group left today so our groups are dwindling. They  cleaned, hung drop ceilings and gave lice treatments. Jorge is spending 12 hour days in the university medical school attending classes and observing autopsies.