We just found out today we need a man or couple to take the older boys dorm November 16-21 so Alex & Sara can take their vacation. This is at the last moment so please pray for us.

Dottie & Gladys fitted the evening gowns on the 15 year old girls.

We receivd 9 new children today. 

3/24/2003. Yesterday Lewis ministered in Guatemala to the visitors and in the evening John H. ministered to the children. We drove last night and arrived back home in Lake Charles after midnight. Dottie took took Becky to her medical appointment In the evening we had dinner with Malcolm and Donna as well as with Brooks and his family. Back in Guatemala the teams put up siding, painted and worked on the playground. We received a new 12 year old girl today.

3/25. Dottie and I am blessed to have a couple of days of relaxation & spend time with our children & grandchildren. In Guatemala Andrew shared how one of his boys in his care received Jesus last night. After the boy prayed some of the other boys in that dorm came to Andrew & asked him to pray with them also. Andrew is from Canada and has been such a blessing. He truly has a servant’s heart.