#489 our story

If you are wondering what you can do with any extra money (ha!) we need to buy shoes, school skirts, blouses as well as pants, shirts, jackets & socks for the new school year. Throw in $3000 for school supplies & it adds up to a hefty total.

Today the Bible Society who has worked with our girls for months came for their last presentation.


3/20/2003. Dottie slept from Milan, Tn. to Vicksburg, Ms. Where she just crashed. This has been a difficult trip for her. This would be reversed in 2012 when I would be sick most of the trip. In Guatemala, exams are nearly finished so again there smiles and frowns amongst the children. Wes & his family flew to Guatemala where they will build a play ground as part of their son, Brad, eagle scout requirement

3/21. Dottie is feeling better so we drove on to Pineville, La. where we will stay with Pastor Melvin and Chloe. I have always referred to Melvin as my pastor. Melvin loves computers and I am ignorant of technology so he helped purchase a computer for Jorge whose sponsor sent him the money. In Guatemala the container arrived so all the older kids helped unload it. Now we have diapers! Also Lewis T. from Tennessee with his team that had joined with an Alabama team.

3/22. Melvin and I worked on Jorge’s new computer while Dottie and Chloe went shopping. Dottie buying 40-50 rolls of ribbon to use in the bouquets for the fifteen year old girl’s Quinceaneras. In Guatemala we were blessed to have a third team arrive this week. They are from New Song church from Orange county California.

3/23. Ministered at Church on the Rock with Melvin in Pineville. In the evening we were in Long Pine with Pastor Donald. His wife had the women in the area send her their best recipes that she put together and sold. They sold over $5000 for us to be able to build a church.