#488 our story

Today was visiting day. Many family members came so there were many happy faces.

We had Bible in the evening. More than a dozen teens and many younger children came forward for salvation.

She loves her dog

3/17/2003. Spoke at Faith Assembly in Warsaw, In. with Pastor Joe. Steve. We tried to get to bed early because tomorrow we have to drive all the way to Dickson, Tn. so we will leave Warsaw about 4am. In Guatemala Steve ministered on Loving One Another.

3/18. This was the longest day as we drove from Warsaw, In. to Dickson, Tn. Dottie was really feeling ill so the long drive was especially hard on her. We met Wes there. He is our board chairman and drove over from Little Rock to see us. In Guatemala Carlos had to go to the Mexican border as he is having trouble with his passport. This has been habitual.

3/19. Wes and I took Dottie to a walk-in hospital. She was diagnosed and given the necessary medicine. We put Dottie in a motel in Jackson, Tn. and Wes and I drove to Milan and met with Pastor Bob at Vineyard ministries. Estella came and met Dottie at the motel so by the time we got back Dottie was feeling much better. There isn’t anything with greater blessings then seeing your children. In Guatemala the West 
Virginia team put a fence up for David to enclose the bicycles. Steve took the paper work to the First Lady for the incoming container fill with diapers.