#487 our story

The children loved Caleb’s singing last night.

This was such a peaceful uneventful Saturday. We had two heavy, heavy rain showers.

We still need house parents for Cometas(little boys) in December and for Doncillas(teen girls) next Spring.

 3/13/2003. Dottie and I ministered in Memphis and then drove to St. Louis. Our daughter Becky called to tell us she had just given birth to a baby boy who she named Dawson which is my middle name. It was my grandfather’s first name.  In Guatemala Steve paid the monthly electric bill and it was over $8000. The phone land lines are down as gangs are cutting the wires on the poles in order to steal the copper.

3/14. At 3pm we arrived in Shelbyville, Illinois and drove out to Jack and Savella’s farm. Jack was the first person to visit Casa after seeing us on the 700 Club. He was much older than me but we became long and dear friends. Pastor David was in an auto accident where a person broke her neck & died. David’s car was hit from behind and pushed into oncoming traffic. I believe David broke some ribs.

3/15. Had breakfast with some Illinois folks who had visited Casa. In the evening we had dinner with the same group at Judy’s home. I shared stories with them after the meal. Jack blessed me with all of the newsletters since he first came to Casa. It was a kind and generous gift. With all of the newsletters in hand maybe someone will write the story of Casa. 

3/16. We ministered at Church of the Nazarene in the morning with Pastor Greg and in the evening at First General Baptist Church in Mount Zion with Pastor Jones. From there we left Illinois and began to drive towards Warsaw Ind. Back in Guatemala Dr. Pitts and a group of physicians and nurses arrived at Casa to examine all of our children. We especially wanted to have them see Jon Jon who has spinal bifida. In years to come he would be adopted to a family and do excellent in school even plays a musical instrument.