#486 our story

The school had a time of praise & then one of the teachers preached a great sermon on salvation. Finally the children received their final report cards so there were tears as well as joy.

Caleb and the group held a musical concert for all of the children.

roasting hot dogs

3/10/2003. Yesterday in Guatemala our older boys played an adult team in soccer and it was out of control. As we would learn after he saw a doctor he had a hernia. Elder was hit so hard he required stitches in his face. David took a visiting minister, Gerald, out to a village where they would minister 3 days. A barber school came with 12 barbers and cut over 200 heads of hair.

3/11. We drove to Monroe where we saw Dottie’s sister Martha and husband Bill. We drove to Crossett, Arkansas where Dottie was raised and I was saved, baptized, married and where our first child is buried. It is a special place to me. Her father led me to Jesus and I suppose I love and admire him more than anyone else I know. And I do know many wonderful people. We drove back to West Monroe where we 

bought 120 pairs of pajamas at a 60% discount at K-Mart as they were going out of business. 

3/12. We spent the morning wit Dottie’s mother and Dottie’s sister, Helen. After lunch we drove to Pine Bluff, Ar. where we ministered at Harden Baptist Church. Pastor Clyde is Cora Mae’s brother and one year she was able to get us 12 churches to minister in over a 3 week period meaning we had no long driving to do that year. After ministering at Harden Baptist we drove to Memphis. In Guatemala Steve was called by a judge to go pick up 2 babies who were malnourished. They are 2 months 

old. A team from West Virginia arrived to help at Casa.