#485 our story

We had a visit today by a government agency to check on the children who came to us after the other orphanage burned two years ago.

The team had an outreach to a village & then had hotdogs in the evening for all of the remaining girls.

One of the dialysis children wrote me this: “I have kidney disease. I need a miracle. I am praying every day God will heal me”. For those of you who are prayer warriors please remember these special children.

God has shown Himself great as today we received a grant that will allow us to buy all new industrial washers/dryers, stoves as well as new tables and chairs. What an answer to prayer!

3/9/2003. We ministered at 8 & 10am at Family Life with pastor Todd. Then we had lunch with him & his family along with retired Pastor Francis & wife Babs. Francis and I ministered together at The Teaching Center and have been close friends ever since. Then in the evening we were with Pastors Howard and Jackie who are so fear to us for many years. We ministered at Revival Center in Lake Charles.

Years ago I was at a place emotionally and thought I would leave the ministry. You will have trouble understanding what I am about to write. Early one morning I received a phone call from a dear couple in my church and the husband said, “Pastor, we are leaving the church because you only love poor people.” I was stunned and just sat in my chair for hours. The mail arrived and there was a letter from another family saying, “We are leaving the church because you only love rich people.” I could not believe it. One said I only loved the rich and the other said I only loved the poor.

I sat in disbelief for hours and decided to call Pastor Howard. He and Jackie arrived and listened to what had happened. I asked him, “How do you please people?” His answer was from the throne room of God. He said, “Mike if you please God you will please the right people”.

Immediately I was delivered from my depression and ever since that day I have tried very hard to please God.”