#484 our story

The team had hot dogs for the girls and then Bible study with the boys.

Mario has gotten a large promotion & does not just work with Fed Ex USA but now it is world wide.

Tony, Quique and Minor are translating the more than 500 sponsor letters.

Children’s church team

3/6/2003. We did much shopping and put it in the container. We were so tired we thought we would just quit for the day. But we passed a Hobby Lobby and really hit the jackpot. There were so many craft items on sale that our children would enjoy. We filled 6 baskets and when we were checking out the manager asked us what were we doing. When we told him that these were Christmas gifts for the children in Guatemala he said, “Come with me”. He went to an area where they had items which were not selling and he gave us 4 baskets full. In Guatemala Mandy’s mother was here and was able to set up the computer lab.

3/7. Went to New Orleans where we went to the Baptist book store at the seminary. 

Then we drove across the Mississippi river and visited my most favorite bookstore in all the world. The only books they sell are Christian books printed from 1925 back to the 1700s. We had dinner with Tony who is 34 years old today in Baton Rouge and then on to Lafayette where will minister tomorrow. Back in Guatemala Carlos told me that the school year is wearing out the teachers due to numbers of children and so many with emotional needs. And this is only the second month. So when I return we will hire more teachers and try to reduce the stress level.