#482 our story

Carla A. came by. She married 3 years ago while studying to be a professional therapist. In two weeks she graduates & today she asked me to walk as her father. I am so blessed. The team helped Kate in the school in the morning & in the evening they had hot dogs for all the boys. Andreas & Estella brought our newest grandchild, Jeremy, to see us.

2/26/2003. We actually arrived 29 the Air Force base at 3am. They drove us across the tarmac to the regular airport and we were able to catch our 6am flight. The teachers are still on strike and blocking roads all over the city including the one to the airport. Carlos cannot get t Guatemala from the USA and Andrew cannot get here from Honduras as all entrances at the many borders are all facing demonstrators. And it continues to be violent.  

2/27. We actually slept and rested until noon. Dottie was blessed to be able to attend the baby shower for our daughter Becky. Our son Chad and I babysat the other 7 grandchildren. 

3/1. We drove to Baton Rouge where we had lunch with our son Tony and my sister Virginia. We then did some shopping and went to three different Christian book stores. In Guatemala the last of the high school and university boys moved into their new dorm.

3/2. Ministered at Interfaith Assembly with Pastor Frank. It is located in Baker. We then drove to Escatawpa, Ms to Caanan Assembly wit Pastor Rodney. It will be this church who will bring the most awesome vacation Bible schools over the years where literally hundreds of children would be saved. These two churches would bless Casa for years.