#481 our story

Gladys ministered in my place this morning. I have been ill for two days.

A team from West Virginia arrived and they will be helping in the school as well as weiner roasts throughout the week.

Pure joy

2/26/2003.  Mike and Jennifer were able to get a ticket to El Salvador and then from there to the states. But Carlos’s flight was cancelled again. Dottie and I are scheduled to fly home tomorrow so we area awaiting news as to whether it will be flying of not. A Catholic nun brought us 4 children who actually have no living relatives at all. They are 1, 5, 7 and a paralyzed 12 year old boy. I was looking over what we did with your help last year. We had over 1200 visitors; 5.5 tons of rice and ate over 140,000 eggs. We used 88,000 diapers; washed 15,000 loads of clothes in commercial washers; used 2100 tubes of toothpaste and 23,000 rolls of toilet paper.

Mike Borja shipped 12 containers; weighing over 400,000 pounds. Our construction projects used 38 tons of steel and 620 gallons of paint. The electric bill was $88,000 and educational cost was $165,000. I can’t even guess how much concrete was poured. I can only say “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart.

What a year! Analy saving the lives of 3 children as she fought off an attacker who sliced her up! Carmen’s heart stopping during surgery and three months later she was normal! Trucks hitting our walls and power grid being off for 3 days! I could go on but you get the idea that God is faithful.

2/27/2003. The airlines called and said for Dottie and I to be at the military air base and they would drive us across the tarmac so we can catch our flight.