#480 our story

lily took the boys from Vencedores to the mountain park.

2/2003. At 6m we were called by a judge from a very long distance from our home. She told me that they had just found a 5 year old girl raped by her father and sodomized by her mother. Demons! Monsters! It took a few hours to get her here because they took her to a physician first to examine how much damage was done. So the judge called and said the girl could stay with her and the police would bring her to Casa tomorrow.

2/25.  The judge had trouble letting the child leave. She had washed her, found clothes for and gave her a huge breakfast. So the child did not arrive at Casa until noon. This had never happened before but there were roadblocks right here in San Lucas as well as the highway to Antique. Fires were set and nail boards were everywhere. It happened at 10am and our high school and college children were already in the city as well as our deaf child. There was no way to pick them. Even the airport is on lockdown. Mo, Mike and Jennifer were already at the airport to fly home but the flights were cancelled. Carlos was schedule to return tonight but his flight from New Orleans was cancelled. Eventually at 5pm they cleared the road and we were able to everyone home safely.