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There was a gun fight for hours in Mexico where the son of El Chapo was captured & the President of Mexico simply let him go although at least 8 innocents were killed. The President said that Mexico was safer with him loose rather than have the gangs fighting innocent citizens in the streets.

We worked on the finances for the end of the year. Paying those extra salaries adds up to nearly $50,000. Then there is Christmas, the new school year expenses, etc. so we need heavy prayer support.

Tony with his image of the LSU tiger

2/27/2003  (This is what happened a few years ago in 1992 and I failed to tell the story in my update).

While Dottie was with the kids in Tapachula, Mexico Tony and I were driving to the USA. When I arrived in Lake Charles Debbie was beside herself. Dottie had driven back to the Guatemalan border only to find herself in the midst of dozens of 18 wheelers and absolutely surrounded by men. The teachers in Guatemala declared a strike and had blocked all entries from Mexico, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras. It was on the news but Dottie had not watched TV while in Mexico 3 days because it was in Spanish. 

Dottie was trapped. She had bought groceries while in Mexico so they had enough to eat and drink. And the 2ndday the police came and took across the border on foot to allow her and the girls to bathe. They were the only females in that 2 mile long line of trucks. I called Dr. Herman to please come from the city and help Dottie. He and his wife came and they allowed her to drive our 4 daughters back to the city while Herman stayed with Dottie and Chad.

I called the US state department and even went to our US senator, Breaux, to send marines from the US Embassy in Guatemala and they assured me they would. They were of no use and actually showed at our house after Dottie returned home. One of them screamed from the jeep, “Are ya’ll ok?

In the meantime Dottie spent 3 nights in the car. The truckers began reving their motors, blowing their horns and threatening to run over the teachers. The response was the hundreds of tires that were stacked there were set on fire. Herman ran to the front of the line and began preaching to the truckers.

It was finally resolved but not before 3 were killed at one of the other borders. I was so anxious to get home I took a flight and arrived in Guatemala only a couple of hours after Dottie.