#474 our story

I trust that many of you are praying that God will speak to hearts for two couples we need as house parents.

There was no rain today.

Roxanna, who is graduating from college, was given over 10 acres of land in San Marcos. It belonged to her grandmother. 

The pastor & congregation with our buys who brought them the mattresses

2/21/2003. John and Robyn went to the border with Pastor Eliazar to renew their visas. The problem Polly had at the airport has made all the American staff look more closely at their own passports. Maintenance continues to be a major problem so we are praying for God to touch the heart of someone retired and could come for 90 days. Right now two washing machines, the walk-in cooler and the huge cooker are all on the blink. Even getting spare parts is a problem because much of our equipment come from the USA.

2/22. After the constant activity last week today was a calm and tranquil Saturday that we all welcomed. John and Robyn met Danny and Angie at the Mexican border and they drove home together. Danny and Angie had flown to the states and then drove their car from South Louisiana. Carlos called to tell us the papers on his house that he is selling were not signed so they will not return this week.

2/23. A wonderfully Sunday! It was truly a day of rest. As for Dottie and I we drove our two vehicles to Mexico where I left Dottie and the children and Tony and I drove through Mexico. Dottie will get the visas stamped and our son Chad will drive them back to Guatemala City.