#472 our story

It was 72 years ago that Billy Graham held his first crusades. I think of that because Gina, wife of Senator Abraham, was saved at his crusade at LSU. Why is that important? Do you know that when you bring Jesus to a person then that person will reach others for Christ and it never ends. Our God is awesome!

Our college boys brought 25 mattresses to Hacienda Maria deep in the mountains where we built a church.

Received 2 new children.

The Billy Graham revival that started the 72 years of preaching Jesus to millions.

2/16/2003. The bus situation for the high school and college students has gotten so bad that they have to be on the road at 5am to get a seat. The strike is still on so the policemen are actually pulling teachers out of the buses to prevent them from joining the strike. It doesn’t sound bad in 2019 but gas prices are getting higher and higher due to the Iraq situation. Iris was operated on today to remove a large tumor from her ovaries. She is only 13 so was very scared.

2/17. The strike is worsening and so we kept the kids from going to school in the city today. The government offices are surrounded by hundreds of policemen so they are getting pelted with different items but have not yet cracked down on the demonstrators. However, I did go to city of Mixco where the courts were open and the judge asked me to bring a certain child. 

We have set a goal to build 100 churches, Sunday school buildings & homes for pastors. So the Sunday morning offering goes to this project as well as individual churches in the USA who want to help. We can build a church for under $5000. Most of the churches in the mountains are adobe so they are very cold in the evenings and the floor is dirt. I cannot imagine members of churches in the states having congregations with that much dedication. So many of these Guatemalans walk miles to church and then home again. A normal church service here in those

Villages are over 2 hours long.