#471 Our story

One of our board members, Mark Abraham, was elected Louisiana State Senator Saturday without a runoff so we congratulate him. He is a strong Christian.

We have had 3 more grandchildren this past 2 months. The mothers are Marlin Estephany, Kersey & Estella II.

Georgie on dress up day with the children.

2/9/2003.  John Harvey came for the final lesson on the Holy Spirit and his work in our lives. One of our best teacher’s son is in prison. But he tried to escape and was shot and killed. Carlos returned from Honduras with the kids. Buck left this morning for Mississippi.

2/10. Today is our 40thwedding anniversary so we went to a nice restaurant & tried to see if we could remember something for each year. Dottie is very good with her memory of the years so it was a lot of fun. Mark and Marsha arrived so they will rotate supervising each dorm so those dorm parents can get a break. Doris is recovering from her surgery and has begun to have normal bowel movements.

2/11. The Guatemalan president fired all of the public school teachers due to the fact they are still striking. I do not see the logic in what he did.

2/12. We had to hire another music teacher. Donal was our music teacher for the last 5 years and saved enough money to open his own school in a nearby village. He will be difficult to replace but I am so happy for him as having his own school has been his dream. We wish him well.