#471 our story

Georgie leaves tomorrow for 6 weeks in the states. It is vacation time so many staff members will be taking a week here and there.

Dillan, a young man who left Casa following high school, spent the day here with Quique. He is an apprentice with a carpenter so is doing well.

We received two new children.

#2/13/2003. I gave Dottie a bear necklace and matching bear earrings because I do have any idea what is the correct gift for a 40thbirthday. So I chose the bear because she has had to bear with me for years. People ask me what is the main problem in Guatemala & of course the economy, poverty and gangs but I believe the main reason is hopelessness. When you see little opportunity to make your life better it leaves a gap between the haves and the have nots. There was a riot in the prison where the father of two of girls is incarcerated. The prisoners beheaded six and also killed the warden.

2/14. Today is Valentines Day and the kids love it. They make cards by hand for other kids. There was a massive demonstration in the city. The report said 100,00 were demonstrating in Zone 1 where the government is located. Dottie was on her way to the city with Bill H. who was driving when the police stopped them. He waited until then to tell Dottie that his driver’s license was in Alabama. However the police did not ask to see the license.

2/15.Steve was stopped by the police and harassed for 30 minutes when he simply gave them a bribe. An hour later our other Steve was stopped by the police who were very disappointed that he had his license so they had to let him go. Bill B. and Paula took his sponsored children Wendy and Fernanda to eat out and had them invite 8 other girls to go also. He also took them to a water park.