#470 Our story

Bridge of Life, the world-wide dialysis organization, visited today & are wanting to partner with us in some ways with the dialysis ministry. They already help Dr. Lou. So we are praying for God to reveal to us what to do.

She is awake

2/5/2003. Doris went to the hospital because she is experiencing problems with her colostomy. When I asked the older girls who would go with me to the hospital and spend 24 hours with Doris over 30 girls volunteered. One characteristic that I have seen among the majority of Guatemalans is their compassion. Carlos left early this morning with a group of the best high school students and is taking them to Honduras for a tour.

 2/6. Dr. Buck arrived from Gulfport to see some of our children and to plan a medical trip in July where he and his team of physicians, dentists and nurses will exam and treat children at Casa but also in the village.

2/7. One facet of education here in Guatemala is the lack of pre-planning so Dottie & I make a trip to the educational store house in the city literally all year round. I have prepaid tuition for the high school and university students for March & April so that Steve will not have to worry about that while we are in the states. This morning we had breakfast with Pastor Teddy from Alabama where I also delivered a devotional. They have built a beautiful complex on a mountain near Chimaltenango that sleeps over 50. Over the years he will continue to construct more homes for the poor and even a clinic.

2/8. Sheryl went to the hospital to visit Doris and while there her car was broken into. They took her radio and tore out the back seat to get the speakers. And for no other reason but meanness they stole her car papers and you already know from my experience how much problem we have when that happens.