#469 our story

Andreas and Estella 2 had a baby boy Jeremy Gabriel. Andreas & Estella are pillars in their church. He is a deacon & preaches & she is a teacher for the woman’s group.

We received two children ages 3 & 5.

Jeremy Gabriel

2/1/2003. Today was so sad! The space shuttle Columbia disintegrated returning from space and killed 7 astronauts. The pastor’s conference continues. 

2/2. John H. came for the 2ndSunday morning of teaching on praise and again the children loved it. The Word tells us that God lives in the praises of His people and I certainly want the Lord to living closer to us.

2/3. I had to go to Miguel Petaba and then to the Mexican border to bring more paper work on the autos. I was driving from Antigua when I realized that I needed to talk to Julio our mechanic. He did not answer so I called Dottie to give me his wife’s phone number. I called that number and was connected with a woman whom I thought was Mirna, his wife. I was jabbering to her about my car trouble when the woman interrupted me. She said, “Mike, this is the judge in Mixco. Are you in trouble? Do I need to send the police?” We had a good laugh when it was over.

2/4. There has been a strike by teachers so the public schools still have not begun classes. Now the strike has turned violent with cars being overturned and tires being burned throughout the country. The army is trying to restore order. Mike and Marsha arrived so David and Regina will take a few days off before Dottie and I go the states.