#468 our story

Kersey is back on campus after having her gall bladder removed.

Oscar has been very busy the last 2 weeks getting prices on new industrial washer/dyer combinations as well as new tables & chairs for the dining hall. He also is getting steel prices for reroofing some of the buildings. We also need prices on sandblasting & painting the two water towers.

Mike & Amber leave today for Belize to celebrate their 15thwedding anniversary. 

The little girls love to help Dottie on Saturdays and of course receive candy for their labors.

1/28/2003. Someone came on our property and stole the paper work out of both the brown truck and the red van. This means we have to go to the police and report the thefts. Then we take that paper work to the tax offices in the city and fill out more forms. From there we take the paper work to the government office that is over automobiles. With that form we go to a bank and pay taxes on the 2 trucks & apply for a new license plate. To complicate things the Department of Energy came to give us notice that our butane talks were too close to the builds and we had a week to move them. These are huge tanks and cannot be moved by hand. We need a fork lift.

1/29. Estela is about to return to school at Union University in Tennessee. We pray daily for her success because she is our first child to study in the USA and we want others to have that opportunity. Adjusting from living with 500 children to living with a normal family has taken some doing.

1/30. A judge sent me a letter thanking us for what we do for the children of Guatemala. The real reward is seeing children saved and some physically healed or to see emotionally distraught children healed and able to function normally. How about us as staff maturing to love and minister to angry children?

1/31. Estela left today and will live this semester on campus at Union. Tomorrow we will begin the pastor’s conference with Jim Baker leading the conference. Ken and Wendy will prepare special meal for the while Sheryl will make her huge and delicious cinnamon buns. Our older girls will serve the meals to the pastors and their wives.