$467 our story

It rained very hard today & when I was in the states I went to my favorite book store that sells books printed in the 1500, tp 1900s only. So today I was able to get the time to begin reading them. I am finishing “God” written by Octavius Winslow published in 1870.

The older kids want me to move downstairs since I lose my balance so easily but I cannot fit my thousands of books there. The baby dorm had a “Day of the Child” party.

Quique & Tony with Ginger & Champ

1/24/2003. Bubba ran through a plate glass door but miraculously only required a few stitches and lots of aspirin.

1/25. We held our annual board meeting.Wes and I met at 6am with the lawyers we think can do the paper work on becoming a non-profit in Guatemala. We dropped Olga off in the city and took Wes to the airport.

1/26. We were so blessed to have John and Sharon come last night with a praise team from ChiChi. They taught on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and then we had a hearty time of praise and worship. When they were finishing up the teenagers chanted “mas” which means More! So they stayed another hour. Danny and Angie are still in Louisiana as they prepare to come to Casa.

1/27. Carlos, David, Steve and I worked on an organizational flow chart. Wednesday we will present it to the staff. It will allow everyone to know exactly what their jobs are. We are having to wire the dish washer for three phase.