#466 Our story

 Probably the greatest needs we have physically for Casa are the roofs on the dorms. They are all rusted & need to be replaced. We cannot do it now due to the rainy season so would be done next summer. If you have men who can roof a building it would be wonderful if you could spend the next 6-7 months raising money for the metal & then come next summer.

If you would like to just raise the money for metal that would be a blessing also.

Dr. Lou has agreed that he will continue to provided what we need for Cindy II until age 21 so God has answered your prayers. 

Maggie dropped by for a visit. She left Casa 6 years ago.

1/21/2003.  The little girl who was sexually abused arrived last night having been in the hospital for 22 days. Paula has offered to keep her in her apartment while she adjusts to Casa and the large population. Today the Junior High got into full swing with all their regular classes but now home economics, music, art, industrial arts, typing and computer also. We are still having to go buy school supplies as God continues to add more children. We had a service with all of the teenagers and then I dismissed the boys and had a question and answer time with the girls. Ken and Wendy have taken over all food services and since Ken is a professional everyone is expecting great things. Today Sheryl received a new baby giving us 120 infants and toddlers in the baby dorm.

1/22. Wes arrived and began our round of talks concerning tax laws and how to become a non-profit in Guatemala. Edy went to court to bring them some documents and he returned with a 3 month old little girl who is apparently deaf. That is not all! As he was leaving the court another judge saw him and asked him if we would take a little 3 year old who was terribly bruised. So he returned with both.

1/23. Wes and I drove to Paoquil to meet with Jose’ concerning a pastor’and wife conference that we want to host in February. From there we drove to Chineque to visit Elizabeth Nolan and bring her a love offering from Crossett, Arkansas which was where Dottie grew up. A gentleman in First Baptist had died and left her the gift in his will. Since she feeds over 100 children 4 times a week she was so grateful.