#465 our story

EMERGENCY!!! We desperately need dorm parents for the 15 little boys in Cometas. The current house parents will leave in mid-December. PLEASE pray that God will move on someone’s heart.

Next week our school begins final exams for this school year.

Tatiana began her practicum as a dialysis technician.

Sociadad Biblica will come today for their final Bible classes with Doncillas and Esperanza.

The mother of Cindy II arrived here to ask that she can take Cindy. We did not even know she existed, But she is extremely poor & unable to care for Cindy.

This Saturday Bridge of Life is coming with a team of neurologists, dieticians and other professionals to see the dialysis children.

Adam & Josh are having a pastor’s conference at Adam’s place. The 48 pastors will be staying here at Casa.

Dress up day

1/17/2003. The judge and her staff were very impressed by what is happening at Casa. I thought the buildings, etc. would impress them but they just continued to tell me how impressed with the joy of the children as well as their clothes. They actually stayed for lunch and ate with the children. The two children from Mexico and El Salvador were sent back to relatives in their respective countries.

1/18. Daniel graduated not long ago and today he moved out. It is such a time of mixed feelings. He eventually would be a manager of a grocery store. His brother is Sebastian who now is director of Casa. Their sister, Maria, also graduated and works in her village. The director of a local junior high school came asking if we could help with school supplies. God has abundantly blessed us so we have plenty to share. 

1/19. One of our teenage girls was jilted by her boy friend and is responding by acting out. I have learned that as bad as physical and sexual abuse are it is the emotional abuse of rejection that is the most difficult to help a child through their pain.

1/20. One of the judges who dislikes me but always calls when she has a child no one else will accept did call and tell me of a 7 year old with cancer. Then she added to the conversation that she had a 7 year old girl who was raped by her brother multiple times. We received them both!. School began today and it was wild. The students were so excited and I could not help but wonder how many of them would be this happy 9 months from now when they learn whether they failed or passed. I want to thank Steve O, Brennen, John, Erin and Steve F. for all they did to get it ready.