#464 our story

Church Yeshua in Guatemala City made contact with Josue’ and has been donated bags of the liquid used to flush out the kidneys of the children on dialysis. This has certainly cut the expenses in that area.

Josue’ gave his first sermon when I was gone & everyone said it was very good.

The staff prayed for me & my health at staff Bible study last Friday night.

Kersey still has not been operated on as they are continuing to run tests.

The last of the 8 children in dialysis got saved today. This is the main reason the lord sends them to us. PTL!

Chad Griffin who graduated from Aleluya Acres in Lake Charles when we were in Lake Charles.

1/14/2003. Mike Borja in Mississippi is now handling the collection of items and the shipping of containers to Guatemala. Our blue van blew its motor so we had to have a new one installed.

1/15. It gets so frustrating with some of the judges. Last night a little boy, age 7, was brought here by the police. He was literally terrified. Carlos held him on his lap and then we brought him to my house and he slept in our room. He had been sodomized by his Mother. The judge called at 8:45am and told me to bring him to forensics to be checked. The conclusion was that he had been sexually abused. But the judge said that it was bad but not all that bad and he could return home. Incredible!  

1/16. We have another judge visiting tomorrow so the children were like a group of beavers cleaning along with the team that is here. The team moved sand and blocks to put a walk way for her to get to the classrooms. Everyone helped by moving desks. Everyone had a great attitude. Five of our teenagers who have no fear put the roof on the new junior high school. 

Tonight two policemen drove up with 9 children in one police car and the two mothers in a second car. Their ages are 1, 2, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9,11 and 13. They were bare footed and filthy but when they saw the meal Dottie fixed for them they were totally happy. Once they bathed and received new clothes they were smiling from ear to ear. Their mothers were prostitutes and not even one of these kids had ever been to school. One of the policemen told the mothers to get their lives in order and maybe one day they can have their children again. It never happened.