#462 our story

Kersey is being operated on as I type this. She is experiencing kidney problems.

I want to remind you that around April 2020 we will need dorm parents for Doncellas which is a dorm for high school age girls.

We had our staff time of praise, prayer & preaching.

Dottie & I are still trying to recover from all the driving we had to do in the states but it was worth it.

Three of our grandchildren

1/8/2003. Dottie and I went to an outdoor market to purchase backpacks. I needed 120 of them. So I approached a stall with book packs and worked out a price if I bought in bulk. When I told her I needed 120 she stared at me as though I was crazy. She said, “I only have 15 but wait right here”. She then proceeded to all the other stalls and eventually brought me 120 back packs. I paid and as I began to drive away I noticed that she was closing her stall. I asked her what was she doing as it was not yet 10am. Her answer was, “I made enough money on your back packs I can take a two week vacation.

1/9. Sarah, Gino, Angelina, Jorge, Sebastian, Alex, Byron, Fernando and Priscilla are all enrolled in college so they have a list of supplies. We already bought their text books so now we went to buy notebooks, binders etc.

1/10. We live on the Panamerican highway and the government announced today that last year it was the most dangerous stretch of highway in the country. You just have to be aware of your surroundings at all times