#461 our story

We left Lafayette & met Jessica at the Houston airport & drove together to Casa from the Guatemalan airport.

Hugging the children is the best thing about returning from a trip as they are so excited to see us.

I fell not once but twice walking through the airport.

Mynor does not have a kidney issue. It is a lumbar degeneration so please add him to your prayer list.

Dottie and Debbie’s puppy

1/4/2003. Two policemen arrived early this morning with a 2 month old child whom the two policeman named Jefferson. They saw a woman slapping this child. After arresting her they discovered the woman was not the mother. So the courts sent the baby to us. I did the financial planning for the new school year & we will have 24 full-time teachers as well as 5 part time teachers. This will cost us $3200 every two weeks. Oscar and Gino accompanied me to buy school supplies for the 30 high school seniors.

1/5. Today after Bible I began giving out school supplies to the career and college students. It will take a couple of weeks to get them all distributed and see where we lack so I can go get those supplies. There are 344 students in elementary and 80 in junior high. There are another 31 in college. Add the 25 new kindergarten students and that is a load. Rene arrived early this morning.

1/6. Dottie and I took some of the children to a new museum to check it out and it truly was interesting and will give our children a very special of their ancestry. 

1/7. Estela returned from Union University in Tennessee last night. Can you imagine having a dorm room at college with one roommate and return to a home with 500 children? The person who sent her to college for her freshman year kept his word. We could not afford to send her back tom school. The President of Union called and simply said, “Put her on an airplane because she will graduate from Union.” Jesus has blessed her so much and she would graduate three years later.