#440 our story

They were able to remove the large kidney stone from Lissie but she will stay another night in the hospital.

Dickson with Dottie & me.

In Guatemala our marching band was in a completion from 3-8pm in the village.

After a good morning session Thom took us to tour country music stuff.

We were blessed to see Dicson who was raised at Casa, married Jamie & lives her in Nashville.

In the afternoon we met the Hunts who will be coming as house parents in January, 2020.

10/24/2002. David, Regina, Steve & Mandy all went to the states. David will participate in the 15thanniversary of a church that he started. Steve and Mandy are returning to get married.

10/25. Today was graduation day for 6thgrade, kindergarten and presentation of the quinceaneras. Carlos has done a great job with the teachers and students this year. 13% of the school made the honor roll which is amazing when you consider many of these children never went to school before coming here. 

10/26. Today was wild as we had to get sleeping bags and back packs for the 140 children going to camp on Monday. The excitement amongst the children is sky high. Dottie and I attended Sarah’s graduation in Chimaltengo. We are so proud of her as she has managed to graduate with a husband, Alex, in college and two children. The Alabama ream is working on cabinets installing them in the older girl’s dorm. You will not believe this but parents brought 24 children to our gate. We could not take any but told them to go to the judge and he may send them here.