#439 our story

Lizzi went through surgery well & if she has a good night she will return to Casa.

The board meeting was long but so much was accomplished. We saw where God has been so good & faithful.

In Guatemala this is Independence week & today was the election of the queen and an academic tournament in the village.

Pray for Thom as he is not feeling well.

10/18/2002. One of the 15 year old girls is a slow learner and she asked Victor Hugo to walk her in the presentation of the girls before all of our kids and visitors. He said he would do it but some smart-aleck kid made a crack about it so he told me he would not walk her. I asked him who would be more pleasing to God, him or the jerk. He said “Me” and agreed to walk her. We received a very malnourished baby of 7 months and also a teenage girl horribly beaten by her father.

10/19. The Tiptons arrived as a family to work a couple of weeks with us.

10/20. A group of little boys got into a bucket of paint and painted walls, the fence, trees, floors and one another. 

10/21. Bill, Hersey, Jerry and their group arrived to work on cabinets for our pharmacy and medical area. Andrew took a child to court as I am not feeling too well. This was Andrew’s first face-to-face with an irate mother but the judge agreed that the mother was not telling the truth. She had said that we would not allow her child to drink water. Over the years there have been more false accusations then I can count.

10/22. Silvio’s final grades were remarkable at the pre-medical high school he attends. He will carry the Guatemalan flag as the sign of the best academic student. Byron did ok and was asked by a physician to assist him over the holidays. Rhonda and Lindsey fro Mississippi came in to help Dottie with the flowers & the bouquets for graduation and the presentation of the quinceaneras.

10/23. There is a Christian organizations that will be hosting a week long summer camp for our teenagers as well as other schools. They dropped by today to take photos of each child for security purposes. Our children have never been to camp so the excitement is very high. We have a female gynecologist from the states who is here doing pap smears on all of our girls. This is such a blessing as the girls refuse to let a male gynecologist do it. You can understand why. One girl had a lump in her breast so we had it checked out in the lab and it does not appear serious.