We left Washington & flew across country to Nashville where Jessica met us. We went to the hotel & Sebastian called to tell us that Lissi was in the hospital with a kidney stone. Please pray for her & Donavon that the Lord would heal her. She is in a good hospital.

I am sending this early so you can pray now!

10/16b/2002.  The girls swam last night until 9pm when the pool closed and so they all slept in until 7:30am. Remember they arise each morning at Casa at 5:30am. After they ate breakfast in the hotel’s all-you-can-eat restaurant they immediately went swimming. Only a few of the 23 girls had ever been in a pool before. In the evening they got all dressed up and the hotel had a banquet in a private room for team. It was such a precious time. At home Manolo was driving one of our vans when a child ran in front of home. Praise God he did not hit the child but the van was crashed pretty badly.

10/17. The girls did not want to leave the hotel and come home so we checked out at one pm and went to a mall and an early evening meal and returned to Casa at 6pm. They were so appreciative for the 3 days and I hope it inspires them to get an education and be able to do things like this in their future with their own famalies. As we left the hotel the owner said, “Your girls were so polite, grateful& unselfish.” So we have gone to this hotel every year from 2002 until 2019 and as long as Dottie and I are able we will continue to do so.