#436 our story

We were interviewed on stage at Hungry Generation church. There were two services and Julie did the interview. This is an incredible church. In the evening I shared with a large group of interested folks for three hours.

I must admit this time change really messed me up.

I watched the LSU/Texas game then we tried to sleep and did ok except we woke up very early.

Today was family visitation at Casa.

I even am a day late typing this update.

Our Estrelitas girls on the mountain

10/15/2002. Dottie and I took the 23 fifteen year olds, quinceaneras, to Tikal Futuro which is one of the nicest hotels in Guatemala City. A few years ago we could only afford to take the girls to a motel at Atitlan. There was little for them to do. So when we returned to the city the girls wanted pizza. I took them to Tikal Futuro & while waiting for our food I took the girls into the hotel.

Immediately a security guard told us to leave and as we were leaving a bell hop asked me who the girls were. I told him and he asked me to wait a moment and soon he turned with the owner. He asked me why I did not choose his hotel and I said that the cost of $110 per night for two girls was too much. He then said, “If you want to come here I will charge you $45 for three girls in a room and I will provide a banquet for the girls”. For the last 16 years we have gone there.

Unfortunantly the owner died in a helicopter accident. But the hotel still allows us to bring the girls each year although the price is higher.

Wait until tomorrow!