#435 our story

We left Lake Charles & flew through Houston & Denver on to Pasco. Wa. It was a long day. We are staying here with Ivan and Julie. They & their families came here from the Ukraine as refugees. They came seeking religious freedom. She fixed us varenki which was delicious. Going through two time zones will mean you will get this early tonight. 

 10/11/2002. Today three of the oldest girls, Blanca, Delmy & Lesbia were sent home. Lesbia graduated and chose to go home and help her family. Blanca as well as her parents have been saving money so she can help them but also stay in school. Delmy’s parents were divorced but reconciled and asked the courts to reunite the family. So I feel these decisions were not bad although I will miss them. Both Dottie and I get this warm feeling when kids graduate and leave with an opportunity for a job.

10/12. We received a teenager from the courts whose mother has HIV. There is no indication that the teen is infected. This is the second mother of a child here at Casa who has been diagnosed with AIDS but no one else in the family is infected. This is 2019 as I write and this would our only experience with HIV so we are blessed.

10/13. This was not a good day! The US Customs charged us $600 for each of two containers and then here in Guatemala hit is with a fee of $1200 for one container and $1500 for the second one. Then I went to pay the electric bill and it was a staggering $8000. I was stunned so I sang all the way back home in order to try to get the victory.

10/14. As our staffed talked this morning we have come to the conclusion that we need to be praying for God to give us 4 major staff meetings. First, we need a speech therapist. Second, we need a tutor for Carlos who is unable to hear or speak. Third we need a maintenance person and finally an auto mechanic. The girls who are 15 years old, Quinceaneras, chose their evening gowns today. We are so grateful for those who send their used evening gowns from the states.