#433 our story

One of the teenagers had surgery on her eye.

The main commercial washing mashing machine is not working.

The children had a “Let’s play together” from 1-4pm so all the kids could be with their siblings. From 4:30 – 6pm the children picnicked with their siblings.

We will have a special bonus by going to Washington this weekend. Jon Jon will be there!!!!

10/4/2002. Carlos hosted a teacher’s conference for all the teachers and school directors in our area so the schools were closed today. David took a group of boys & girls to the water park. In order to do this the boys had to work and earn $40 in order to pay for themselves and their girlfriends. Great motivation! We sent another group of boys to swim in a public lake in Chimaltenago. I had to pay extra for the container that arrived at the port yesterday. The officials said that since it had beans and rice o the containers it would cost more.

10/5. All of the schools our children attend will be giving the national exam this week. So the teachers are tutoring our students. Guatemala does not have a national academic curriculum so it is very hit-or-miss as to whether the students have studied what will be on the test. One of our dearest missionary friends who live near us has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was flown to Houston for tests and on to Florida for surgery but in a short time she would pass away. They always went to the USA for Christmas and so Dottie and I would stay in their home where we would cook dozens of pies for the Christmas dinner for the children.

10/6: Chimaltenango, the largest city in our area, was celebrating their founding and asked our teens to participate. Danisa danced a Jewish folk song unto the Lord; Aura sang a Christian song followed by Vinicio also singing a Christian song. Gerson & Roberto then performed a Christian puppet show. It not only made me proud but it also presented the Gospel to so many others.