#432 our story

We had our yearly dental appointment & they had to fix a number of cracked teeth.

The weather temperature was 99 yesterday as we drove from Lafayette.

Arolodo took a photo of the 8 dialysis children together. One or another has been in the hospital & they have not all been at Casa together at one time.

We will be at Hungry Generation church in Pasco, Wa. Sunday this Sunday September 8that 9am and 11:30am.

Our precious dialysis childern

10/1/2002. I made two decisions that I know will help us. First, I brought a young man who is strong in the Lord to be a youth director. He is Sergio & will be sharing the Word of God with the teenagers. He will host a youth camp for our teens. Second we decided to add Basico to our school. Basico is grades 7-9 and this will protect the children from walking every day on the Pan American highway to San Bartolome’ to take those classes. Many of the villagers resent the fact that the Casa children attend their public school. I believe the last 5 years Casa has had one of our girl’s elected queen and in that same time we have had the top academic student. This move will increase our monthly costs as we will have to provide teachers, etc. Edy took 5 children to court. Today is a holiday called The Day of the Child so there were no classes. David and Carlos provided a 4 hour party for the students to keep them occupied.

10/2. Augustin, Patty, Olga and Manolo went school hunting today. Guatemala has schools that are very contained. For instance, if you want to study medicine in college there are high schools in the city that are specialized in preparing the high schoolers in premedicine. Herb &Linda left for their vacation while Steve & Sheryl took a few days to rest.

10/3. Today Ricardo and I spent time deciding where to put the Basico(Junior high). We figure that we can add sufficient classrooms for about $25,000 in maerial and between $15,000 and $20,000 for labor. We need to work fast as the new school year begins in 5 months. We will need 150 school desks as well as many, many text books, etc. A large group of ex-soldiers blocked the highway 12 miles from here and the regular army came and killed one ex-soldier and capturing the rest. This is Guatemala traffic control.