#431 our story

The former First Lady of Guatemala lost by coming in runner-up for President. She was arrested yesterday on 21 counts of various things including receiving campaign money from the gangs.  

Josue took us to the airport at 3am & Malcolm picked us up in Lafayette & we were in Lake Charles by 3pm.

I spilled an entire cup of coffee in my lap & hade to travel to Louisiana with wet pants. But we are here praise the Lord.

Minor had a cookout for his senior class of a few years ago

9/25/2002. We packed and repacked. We took some items to Mo and then had a late lunch with Earl and Pat who drove us to the airport. In spite of the storm we were able to catch a later flight and arrive in Guatemala at 10pm. In Guatemala the kids had made many posters for us but they were all asleep when we arrived. Steve paid the tuitions of the 38 students in college.

9/26. We had to hit the road going as there is so much to do. There were so many court papers & documents that I had to read. Edy, our social worker, and Aura, our psychologist have done a great job in my absence. There were some discipline cases I had to deal with. A couple came to the gate with court papers to see their 4 year old daughter. When she saw them she began screaming, “He hurts me! He hurts me! I called the judge and he said to make them leave and tell them to go to his office.

9/27. Edy went to court and while there the judge said that he was to call and we were to go to a certain address. When we arrived there the police had a couple in custody who were also selling children. There were six 13 or 14 year olds who were all pregnant. 

9/28-29th. Saturday was clean-up day as well as a play day for Dottie and me with the younger children. Sunday was so much fun as I was back preaching to the children. We have been praying that the Lord will allow us to have a satellite home for children who do not speak Spanish but only a dialect.

9/30. Mike & Jennifer left for home in Milan, Tn. after being here helping while we were gone. Herb and Linda left today while Bob leaves next week for their vacations. 

The radio station where we have been on daily celebrated their 24thyear. KAJN has been such a blessing to us through their many listeners and prayers.