#430 our story

Four months ago one of our teachers had a miscarriage and yesterday her child who is a student here began vomiting blood. Please pray for a miracle. To face multiple deaths is almost impossible to conceive.

Josue’ & Billy will each take a turn preaching on one of the Sundays that I am gone.

Jim & Gladys will probably preach the other two Sundays.

We have 2 boxes coming from Jeremy & one has music instruments. That will help our band so much.

Dedication of baby Fabian

9/22/2002. I ministered at Christ Methodist in Sugar Land and then with Tom, Earl and Pat. Earl and Pat were older than us and over the years we became great friends. Earl would pass away in early 2019 but the times we were together were so special. In Guatemala Sebastian preached in my place. There is a hurricane in the Yucatan area and the heavy rains are just devastating the crops on the hillsides. 

9/23. Pat treated Dottie to a foot massage and pedicure while Earl took me to a bookstore and gave me $100 coupon to buy books. We met with the wives for lunch and then Pat took Dottie to buy clothes. This would be a yearly treat for many years. Then The Woodlands Methodist had an open house to introduce us to many people who over the years would be a huge blessing to Casa. Even today, 2019, one of them is on our Casa board. In Guatemala Steve had to take Iris to the hospital and also two children to court.

9/24. Today is our last day of our trip to the states & we are watching the weather to see if the hurricane in the Gulf will affect our flight home tomorrow. We just had a great day of rest and fellowship. Mo will travel with us tomorrow as she will be bringing items back for our staff. She is a retired Continental Airlines employee who will make a total of 5 trips with items for the children or staff. In Guatemala Steve’s health is very poor. He is undergoing tests today.