I shared a message about Forgiving I Forgetting. Dottie has to outline all the jobs in her gardens so her 8 boys will know what to do while we are gone.

Michelle, special needs, has not gotten upset about us leaving. Gladys and Adela will watch her while we are gone.

Our son, Mynor, cooked out for his graduating class of a few years ago.

Nancy came & we dedicated her son. 

9/19/2002. We left Clarksville and drove Estella back to Union in Jackson, Tn. It was so difficult to tell her goodbye. It was a great six days with her but it was with a heavy heart as we drove south to Lake Charles. In Guatemala David and Regina attended a school performance for the seven children who attend CSS. Esvin won the trophy as the best overall student.

9/20. We veered off course to visit our daughter, Tanya, in Opelousas before going on to Lake Charles. We began our board meeting in the afternoon. The major discussion was about how fast we were getting children. One suggestion was that we take only children under 5 years of age or those children sexually abused until we had more beds and staff. In Guatemala one of our largest pieces of equipment has quit working but the company where we bought it is giving us a replacement until ours is repaired.

9/21.We had lunch with our son, Chad, and then visited daughters Becky and Crissy. Our other son, Tony, drove us to Sugar Land, Texas where we stayed with Tom Arnold’s family. Today as I type this it is July 2019 and we have never seen all of our children together at one time. Becky is in Colorado, Liz is in Waco, Tx. Crissy and Tanya are in Lafayette, Chad is in Lake Charles and Tony, Mynor, Michelle and Candida are in Guatemala. This has been the most difficult part of being a missionary over 30 years. In Guatemala David & Regina took a group privileged boys to the beach. Two of our workers, Steve and Mandy, are both sick.